#1622 07.02.2023 00:00 AP
Heute ist: Tag der eulerschen Zahl!

... in der US-Schreibweise.

#1616 05.02.2023 16:08 AP
Shut up about scalability, no one is using your app anyway.

Ted Dzubia: I'm Going To Scale My Foot Up Your Ass

Engineers love to talk about scalability. It makes us feel like the bad ass, dick-swingin' motherfuckers that we wish we could be.


Saying "Rails doesn't scale" is like saying "my car doesn't go infinitely fast". Alternatively, saying "We'll have no problems scaling because we're using Django" is like saying "I will win every race because my car is the most powerful". Maybe so, but you suck at driving, and you're up against professionals.

#1614 04.02.2023 14:49 AP

Reuters: Concrete traps CO2 soaked from air in climate-friendly test

A California startup using rocks to soak up carbon dioxide from the air has teamed up with a Canadian company to mineralize the gas in concrete, a technological tie-up that is a first and they say could provide a model for fighting climate change globally.