#1610 03.02.2023 11:04 AP

University of Adelaide: Seawater split to produce green hydrogen

“We have split natural seawater into oxygen and hydrogen with nearly 100 per cent efficiency, to produce green hydrogen by electrolysis, using a non-precious and cheap catalyst in a commercial electrolyser,” said Professor Qiao.

#1513 30.12.2022 04:39 AP

The Guardian: If aliens contact humanity, who decides what we do next?

If there is consensus that the signal is legit, researchers should inform the public and the secretary general of the UN.

But there is little guidance on what to do next. How should the message be studied? Should it be released in full before it has been deciphered? Would governments allow that? Should humanity respond? If so, who decides what we send back?

#1482 21.12.2022 22:32 AP

ZAMG und GBA werden zu GeoSphere Austria

Mit 1. Jänner 2023 bündeln die Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG) und die Geologische Bundesanstalt (GBA) ihre Kompetenzen in der neugegründeten Geosphere Austria, Österreichs Bundesanstalt für Geologie, Geophysik, Meteorologie und Klimatologie.

AP: Endlich bekommt die ZAMG einen englischen Namen. Ohne einem solchen ist wissenschaftlicher Fortschritt kaum möglich.

#1424 04.12.2022 20:08 AP
Koriander: pfui Teufel

Wikipedia: OR6A2

Variation in the OR6A2 gene has been identified as a likely cause of why some people enjoy the smell and taste of coriander (also known as cilantro) while others have exactly the opposite reaction to the point of repulsion. Depending on ancestry, somewhere between 3% and 21% of the population associate it with unpleasant taste, including a combination of soap and vomit, or say that it is similar to the foul smelling odor emitted by stinkbugs.

#1419 04.12.2022 00:28 AP

Ars Technica: No, physicists didn’t make a real wormhole. What they did was still pretty cool

"It’s not the real thing; it’s not even close to the real thing; it’s barely even a simulation of something-not-close-to-the-real-thing," physicist Matt Strassler wrote on his blog. "Could this method lead to a simulation of a real wormhole someday? Maybe in the distant future. Could it lead to making a real wormhole? Never. Don’t get me wrong. What they did is pretty cool! But the hype in the press? Wildly, spectacularly overblown."