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Github: NetHack Learning Environment

The NetHack Learning Environment (NLE) is a Reinforcement Learning environment [...]

NetHack is one of the oldest and arguably most impactful videogames in history, as well as being one of the hardest roguelikes currently being played by humans. It is procedurally generated, rich in entities and dynamics, and overall an extremely challenging environment for current state-of-the-art RL agents, while being much cheaper to run compared to other challenging testbeds. Through NLE, we wish to establish NetHack as one of the next challenges for research in decision making and machine learning.

#1262 23.10.2022 15:16 AP

Cabinet Magazine: Caveman: An Interview with Michel Siffre

In 1962, a French speleologist named Michel Siffre spent two months living in total isolation in a subterranean cave, without access to clock, calendar, or sun. Sleeping and eating only when his body told him to, his goal was to discover how the natural rhythms of human life would be affected by living “beyond time.”


”Interestingly, during the subsequent experiments I did with other research subjects, all of the people in the caves showed cycles longer than twenty-four hours. In fact, it became common for them to achieve cycles lasting forty-eight hours: They would have thirty-six hours of continuous activity followed by twelve to fourteen hours of sleep.”

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