#1345 12.11.2022 15:39 AP

Phoronix: KDE Makes It Easier To Set Environment Variables

KDE developers remain very busy working on driving improvements for what will be the Plasma 5.27 release next year and also enhancing the various applications on the KDE desktop.

KMenuEdit as the KDE Menu Editor now allows easily setting environment variables for when opening applications. The properties dialog UI makes it easier to now set particular environment variables for when launching given applications.

#1320 07.11.2022 22:14 AP
Unison 2.53.0

Github: Release-Tag

2.53.0 is a significant release with new features (xattr, ACLs), a change to GTK3, and many bugfixes. All users are urged to upgrade.

#1281 28.10.2022 01:34 AP
Vim 9.0.815

Vim wurde seit sechs Tagen nicht mehr gepatcht, was ungewöhnlich ist. Leider hat Bram gesundheitliche Probleme und es ist unklar, wann er wieder an Vim arbeiten können wird. Weil der Teufel ein Eichhörnchen ist, hat die aktuelle Version von Vim9 (Patchlevel 815) ein besonders unangenehmes Problem. Gute Besserung, Bram!

#1233 17.10.2022 22:14 AP

Codeberg a GitHub Alternative From Europe

”I searched for a GitHub alternative that is based in Europe and came across Codeberg, a GitHub alternative based on the open-source Gitea framework.

Codeberg is based in Germany and offers a clear privacy document, that may be one of the easiest privacy agreements that I’ve read and, you don’t need to have a lawyer interpret it for you. It’s a nonprofit service backed by donations from its users.”