#2447 03.12.2023 20:25 AP
Pro Serifen!

Why Do Everyone’s Logo Fonts Look the Same?

Back in 2018, Anne Quinto, a design and architecture reporter for Quartz proclaimed that the “The dark age of soulless sans-serif logos is coming to an end”. While there have been a few more rebrands featuring sans-serif logo fonts since this declaration, she makes an interesting argument for the trend coming to an end.

At the heart of her argument is a single term: “soulless”. Throughout this piece, we’ve talked about the sans-serifs and the utilitarian nature of their design. But perhaps their greatest sin is that they often lack personality. When more and more customers are looking for a more human relationship with brands, having the same logo font as everyone else just doesn’t cut it.

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University of Cambridge: Solar-powered device produces clean water and clean fuel at the same time

It takes its inspiration from photosynthesis, the process by which plants convert sunlight into food. However, unlike earlier versions of the ‘artificial leaf’, which could produce green hydrogen fuel from clean water sources, this new device operates from polluted or seawater sources and can produce clean drinking water at the same time.