#1975 29.05.2023 15:59 AP

Engadget: Japan will try to beam solar power from space by 2025

Japan and JAXA, the country’s space administration, have spent decades trying to make it possible to beam solar energy from space. In 2015, the nation made a breakthrough when JAXA scientists successfully beamed 1.8 kilowatts of power, enough energy to power an electric kettle, more than 50 meters to a wireless receiver. Now, Japan is poised to bring the technology one step closer to reality.

#1972 27.05.2023 21:15 AP

IETF HTTP Working Group: The HTTP QUERY Method

This specification defines a new HTTP method, QUERY, as a safe, idempotent request method that can carry request content.

HTTP Toolkit: Defining a new HTTP method: HTTP SEARCH

HTTP SEARCH is a new HTTP method, for safe requests that include a request body. It's still early & evolving, but it was recently adopted as an IETF draft standard, and it's going to add some great new tools for HTTP development everywhere.

#1971 26.05.2023 16:26 AP

Handelsblatt: „Mein Autopilot hat mich fast umgebracht“: Tesla-Files nähren Zweifel an Elon Musks Versprechen

Insider haben dem Handelsblatt 100 Gigabyte Daten zugespielt, die aus Teslas IT-System stammen sollen. Sie legen nahe, dass der Autohersteller größere technische Probleme hat als bislang gedacht. Tesla spricht von Datenklau.

Ars Technica: Huge Tesla leak reveals thousands of safety concerns, privacy problems

The German publication Handelsblatt is in possession of more than 23,000 internal files and documents from Tesla after an employee leaked the data. The files include personal information on more than 100,000 current and former employees, as well as thousands of reports of problems with Tesla's advanced driving assistance systems, Autopilot, and "Full Self-Driving."

#1929 13.05.2023 16:41 AP
The road to hell is paved with good intentions

The Register: EU's Cyber Resilience Act contains a poison pill for open source developers

The OpenForum Europe (OFE) by Eclipse Foundation, Open Source Initiative (OSI), APELL, CNLL, and The OSB Alliance stated in its letter to the EC: "The current formulation of the CRA interferes with almost every software development model other than the case of a single company developing the entire code-base behind closed doors and making periodical releases."

#1922 09.05.2023 22:03 AP
LLMs are not a replacement for expertise.

Christophe Pettus: Don’t use ChatGPT to solve problems.

In an experiment, I asked 40 questions about PostgreSQL. 23 came back with misleading or simply inaccurate information. Of those, 9 came back with answers that would have caused (at best) performance issues. One of the answers could result in a corrupted database (deleting WAL files to recover disk space).

#1917 07.05.2023 19:32 AP

Ars Technica: Yet another problem with recycling: It spews microplastics

Their microplastics tally was astronomical. Even with filtering, they calculate that the total discharge from the different washes could produce up to 75 billion particles per cubic meter of wastewater. Depending on the recycling facility, that liquid would ultimately get flushed into city water systems or the environment. In other words, recyclers trying to solve the plastics crisis may in fact be accidentally exacerbating the microplastics crisis, which is coating every corner of the environment with synthetic particles.