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Wikipedia: Ithkuil

... is an experimental constructed language created by John Quijada. It is designed to express more profound levels of human cognition briefly yet overtly and clearly, particularly about human categorization. It is a cross between an a priori philosophical and a logical language. It tries to minimize the vagueness and semantic ambiguity in natural human languages.

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Wikipedia: Pfeilstorch

Pfeilstorch (German for 'arrow stork', pronounced [ˈpfaɪ̯l.ˌʃtɔɐ̯ç]; plural Pfeilstörche, [-ˌʃtœɐ̯.çə]) is a stork that’s been injured by an arrow while wintering in Africa and returns to Europe with the arrow still stuck in its body. As of 2003, about 25 Pfeilstörche have been documented in Germany.

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Wikipedia: Boustrophedon

a style of writing in which alternate lines of writing are reversed, with letters also written in reverse, mirror-style.

Deutsche Wikipedia: Bustrophedon

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XKCD: Relative Terms

BIG, SMALL, LOUD, and QUIET are relative terms. The thing they're relative to is a sewing machine.

Small sewing machines are sewing machines that are smaller than a sewing machine. A sewing machine is larger than a small sewing machine, but quieter than a loud sewing machine.