#2443 02.12.2023 21:41 AP

Merriam-Webster: Word of the Year 2023

[...] with the rise of artificial intelligence—and its impact on deepfake videos, actors’ contracts, academic honesty, and a vast number of other topics—the line between “real” and “fake” has become increasingly blurred.

Authentic is what brands, social media influencers, and celebrities aspire to be.

#2310 16.10.2023 23:07 AP

Wikipedia: Orthographic depth

The orthographic depth of an alphabetic orthography indicates the degree to which a written language deviates from simple one-to-one letter–phoneme correspondence. It depends on how easy it is to predict the pronunciation of a word based on its spelling: shallow orthographies are easy to pronounce based on the written word, and deep orthographies are difficult to pronounce based on how they are written.

#2275 30.09.2023 00:10 AP

Laion: LeoLM: Igniting German-LanguagE LLM Research

We proudly introduce LeoLM (Linguistically Enhanced Open Language Model), the first comprehensive suite of German-language Foundation Language Models trained in collaboration with HessianAI on their new supercomputer 42!

#2264 26.09.2023 00:05 AP

Grammarphobia: Is this ‘which’ dead?

“For uræ Drihten on larspelle þuss cweþ, Gestrynaþ eow sylfum mid ælmesdædum madme hord on heofonan and wunnunge mid ænglum. For hwilcæ neodlicum þingan icc cyþe eow eallum þæt icc ann mid fulre unne þæt þa ilce gyfe þæt Leofric eorl 7 Godgyfu habbað gegiuen Criste.”

#2248 21.09.2023 00:17 AP

Wikipedia: Kümmeltürke

Der Ausdruck Kümmeltürke stammt aus der Studentensprache des ausgehenden 18. Jahrhunderts und bezeichnet ursprünglich einen Studenten, der aus der näheren Umgebung seiner Universität stammt.