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UnHerd: Welcome to Philip K. Dick’s dystopia

Dick’s dystopian-psychological approach marks him less as a conventional science fiction writer than as a member of the California anti-utopian school of the Sixties, whose best-known members include Robert Stone, Thomas Pynchon, Ken Kesey, Joan Didion and Hunter Thompson. Seen from this angle, Dick was perhaps the most powerfully and sweepingly paranoid of a group of writers whose stock-in-trade was conspiracy and paranoia, the hallmarks of a society marked — at that moment, and this one — by violent street crime, drug-induced psychosis, and visionary promises gone terribly wrong. Of his anti-utopian peers, Dick’s sci-fi genre background made him the only one who had any particular feel for the proposition that technology was inseparable from, and would therefore inevitably alter, our idea of the human.

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Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

Modern Drunkard Magazine: March 11: Douglas Adams’ Birthday

Adams got the idea for The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide while a drunken 18-year-old lying in a field in Austria, gazing at the night sky while gripping a hitch-hiker’s guide to Europe, and thinking, there should be a hitch-hiker’s guide for the entire galaxy.

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Snowpiercer und BSG

Was von der Menschheit übriggeblieben ist, lebt in einer geschlossenen Umgebung. Die Gesellschaft fragt sich, wie viel Faschismus sie braucht bzw. verträgt. Und der Zug sieht aus wie ein Cylon Centurion.