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MeistV über Mars

Woche der Kritik: A Martian Chronicle - Mars and Movies. A Survey in Five Parts

The Martians deploy alcohol as a killer weapon and do some nasty things to a cow, and they are clearly an inspiration for the computer-generated invaders in what remains Tim Burton’s best film, Mars Attacks! (1996)

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UnHerd: Welcome to Philip K. Dick’s dystopia

Dick’s dystopian-psychological approach marks him less as a conventional science fiction writer than as a member of the California anti-utopian school of the Sixties, whose best-known members include Robert Stone, Thomas Pynchon, Ken Kesey, Joan Didion and Hunter Thompson. Seen from this angle, Dick was perhaps the most powerfully and sweepingly paranoid of a group of writers whose stock-in-trade was conspiracy and paranoia, the hallmarks of a society marked — at that moment, and this one — by violent street crime, drug-induced psychosis, and visionary promises gone terribly wrong. Of his anti-utopian peers, Dick’s sci-fi genre background made him the only one who had any particular feel for the proposition that technology was inseparable from, and would therefore inevitably alter, our idea of the human.