#1771 20.03.2023 21:59 AP

InfoWorld: The philosopher: A conversation with Grady Booch

Web3 is a flaming pile of feces orbiting a giant dripping hairball. Cryptocurrencies—ones not backed by the full faith and credit of stable nation states—have only a few meaningful use cases, particularly if you are a corrupt dictator of a nation with a broken economic system, or a fraud and scammer who wants to grow their wealth at the expense of greater fools.

#1746 14.03.2023 22:29 AP

Ploum: We need to talk about your Github addiction

The best time to leave Github was before it was acquired by Microsoft. The second-best time is now. Sooner or later, you will be forced out of Github like we, oldies, were forced out of Sourceforge. Better leaving while you are free to do it on your own terms…

#1694 25.02.2023 18:34 AP

Cole-K: Squeezing a sokoban game into 10 lines of code

Many ugly hacks later, I ended up with a game that also included a level and score counter, undoing, resetting, pushing arbitrarily many blocks, 14 levels, and some other features to be discovered by the player. It stands at exactly 10 lines of 80 characters. It is disgusting and I’m fiercely proud of it.