#2683 02.03.2024 15:22 AP

Jianxin via Discuss OCaml: Owl project restructured

After a thorough discussion, Liang @ryanrhymes and I think it might still be for the best interest of the OCaml community to continue maintaining a solid numerical computing library. Consequently, I, Jianxin, will assume the role of project leader to ensure Owl remains maintained. Our goal is to keep Owl stable and updated, given the very limited resource we have, as explained in our previous declaration. At least we aim to keep Owl compatible with the latest stable version of OCaml.

#2559 09.01.2024 10:24 AP

Brian Birtles: Weird things engineers believe about Web development

Since I quit Mozilla and went back to full-time Web development, I’ve discovered a few surprises. It turns out Web development is actually pretty hard, Web developers are actually very smart, and some of these frameworks and techniques we mocked as browser engineers aren’t so bad. Oops.