#1972 27.05.2023 21:15 AP

IETF HTTP Working Group: The HTTP QUERY Method

This specification defines a new HTTP method, QUERY, as a safe, idempotent request method that can carry request content.

HTTP Toolkit: Defining a new HTTP method: HTTP SEARCH

HTTP SEARCH is a new HTTP method, for safe requests that include a request body. It's still early & evolving, but it was recently adopted as an IETF draft standard, and it's going to add some great new tools for HTTP development everywhere.

#1948 18.05.2023 17:43 AP
Signals & Threads S03E01

The Future of Programming with Richard Eisenberg

Richard Eisenberg is one of the core maintainers of Haskell. He recently joined Jane Street’s Tools and Compilers team, where he hacks on the OCaml compiler. He and Ron discuss the powerful language feature that got him into PL design in the first place—dependent types—and its role in a world where AIs can (somewhat) competently write your code for you. They also discuss the differences between Haskell and OCaml; the perils of trying to make a language that works for everybody; and how best a company like Jane Street can collaborate with the open source community.

#1947 18.05.2023 16:04 AP

Neversaw.us: The Case For Bash

Bash values a very particular fitness for purpose: the management and coordination of programs. This includes spawning processes, connecting processes via pipelines, and parallelizing processes. The purpose of Bash is running other programs.

#1910 04.05.2023 22:21 AP

Edward Loveall: Let's Make Sure Github Doesn't Become the only Option

GitHub’s dominance is a risk to the software industry. Making GitHub the primary platform gives one company the power to put their needs over yours, or the industry’s. We risk leaving brilliant developers behind who don’t work well with GitHub’s paradigms. We risk being stuck with our old, technical mistakes because the underlying technology never changes. We risk losing control over our tools because they’re not actually our tools.

#1895 26.04.2023 23:33 AP

Thomas Leonard's blog: Lambda Capabilities

"Is this software safe?" is a question software engineers should be able to answer, but doing so can be difficult. Capabilities offer an elegant solution, but seem to be little known among functional programmers. This post is an introduction to capabilities in the context of ordinary programming (using plain functions, in the style of the lambda calculus).