#2620 04.02.2024 20:14 AP
Postgres.fm February 2, 2024

Modern SQL

Michael is joined by Markus Winand, creator of use-the-index-luke.com and modern-sql.com, and author of SQL Performance Explained, to discuss Modern SQL — what Markus means by it, why it's important, some benefits, some examples, and at least one phrase that should be on a t-shirt.

#2565 10.01.2024 23:37 AP

DB-Engines: PostgreSQL is the DBMS of the Year 2023

For determining the DBMS of the year, we subtracted the popularity scores of January 2023 from the latest scores of January 2024. We use the difference of these numbers, rather than a percentage, because that would favor systems with a tiny popularity at the beginning of the year. The result is a list of DBMSs sorted by how much they managed to increase their popularity in 2023, or in other words, how many additional people started to communicate about it in one of the ways we measure in our methodology, for example job offers, professional profile entries and citations on the web.