#1532 05.01.2023 03:35 AP
Max Schrems reitet wieder

Noyb: Meta prohibited from use of personal data for advertisment

Meta (Facebook and Instagram) prohibited from using personal data for advertisement. Major blow to Meta's business model in Europe, following noyb litigation. Fine for Meta more than tenfold from € 28 million to € 390 million. Third case on WhatsApp pending.


Max Schrems: "Instead of having a 'yes/no' option for personalized ads, they just moved the consent clause in the terms and conditions. This is not just unfair but clearly illegal. We are not aware of any other company that has tried to ignore the GDPR in such an arrogant way."

#1516 30.12.2022 16:35 AP

Reason: Where Does ChatGPT Fall on the Political Compass?

The results were consistent across tests. All four tests, the Pew Research Political Typology Quiz, the Political Compass Test, the World's Smallest Political Quiz and the Political Spectrum Quiz classified ChatGPT's answers to their questions as left-leaning.

#1513 30.12.2022 04:39 AP

The Guardian: If aliens contact humanity, who decides what we do next?

If there is consensus that the signal is legit, researchers should inform the public and the secretary general of the UN.

But there is little guidance on what to do next. How should the message be studied? Should it be released in full before it has been deciphered? Would governments allow that? Should humanity respond? If so, who decides what we send back?

#1501 27.12.2022 16:08 AP

Netzpolitik.org: Chatkontrolle: Akute Gefahr für offene Software

Derzeit wird heftig um die Pläne der EU-Kommission und des Bundesinnenministeriums gerungen, eine neue anlasslose Massenüberwachung einzuführen. Im Fokus der öffentlichen Debatte stehen dabei vor allem die Auswirkungen, welche die sogenannte Chatkontrolle für die verschlüsselte Kommunikation, den Datenschutz und unser aller Privatsphäre hätte.


Von den Regelungen der Chatkontrolle wären demnach auch alternative App-Stores wie F-Droid und andere Repositories von Open-Source-Software betroffen.


Betrachtet man exemplarisch die Distribution Arch Linux, fallen rasch die schwerwiegenden Folgen ins Auge, die eine solche Regelung nach sich zöge – und die ähnlich auch für andere Linux-Distributionen gelten.


#1431 08.12.2022 15:59 AP
Qwant hat Geld von Huawei angenommen

POLITICO: France’s Mr. Privacy turns cybersnooper

Qwant has now racked up more than €80 million in cumulative losses and has more than €47 million in debt, according to a public official involved in the matter and documents seen by POLITICO. It made a loss of more than €9 million in 2021. Qwant did not respond to detailed questions about its operations and balance sheet but said its total revenues in 2021 came to less than €12 million.