#2747 04.04.2024 22:02 AP

LibreOffice: German state moving 30,000 PCs to LibreOffice

Following a successful pilot project, the northern German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein has decided to move from Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office to Linux and LibreOffice (and other free and open source software) on the 30,000 PCs used in the local government.

#2598 28.01.2024 21:02 AP

The Register: Apple redecorates its iPhone prison to appease Europe

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs described the computer as a bicycle for the mind. But he failed to let that metaphor shape his greatest achievement, the iPhone, which has become a shackle for the soul.

The iPhone is a computer; you just can't use it as one most of the time because it's a closed system. You're not free to install software that Apple has not approved, unless you "jailbreak" the device – the very term suggesting unlawful transgression rather than a right that follows from ownership.

#2548 05.01.2024 21:57 AP

Netzpolitik.org: AMS erntet Hohn mit neuem KI-Chatbot

Der österreichische Arbeitsmarktservice hat einen auf ChatGPT basierenden „Berufsinfomat“ eingeführt. Der Bot soll zu Berufsbildern informieren. Stattdessen erweist er sich als Lehrbuch-Beispiel dafür, welche Schwächen eine Behörde in Kauf nimmt, wenn sie solche Systeme einsetzt.