[559] 25.05.2022 12:33

Boingboing: QAnon gains mainstream appeal with tens of millions in GOP funding

According to a new investigation by Grid, there are at least 78 QAnon candidates, backed by tens of millions of GOP dollars (20 million in this cycle, over 30 million since 2018), running for state or federal office — including governorships, secretaries of state, state legislature seats, and federal house and senate seats — in more than 26 states in this upcoming election cycle. Grid concludes, "QAnon appears to be a growing political movement with increasing clout and significant mainstream appeal."

[558] 25.05.2022 12:27

The New York Times: The Era of Borderless Data Is Ending

France, Austria, South Africa and more than 50 other countries are accelerating efforts to control the digital information produced by their citizens, government agencies and corporations. Driven by security and privacy concerns, as well as economic interests and authoritarian and nationalistic urges, governments are increasingly setting rules and standards about how data can and cannot move around the globe. The goal is to gain “digital sovereignty.”

[516] 17.05.2022 13:08

Stanford Law School: The End of Roe Will Bring About a Sea Change in the Encryption Debate

If you’re an encryption advocate in the United States, it’s time to stop pretending that encryption’s protection against oppressive governments is only about Uighurs in Xinjiang or gay people in Uganda. Americans also need strong encryption to protect ourselves from our own domestic governments and their abominable laws.