#2213 04.09.2023 19:40 AP
WR1520 Leben im Albtraum

Wer redet ist nicht tot: Holgi spricht mit dem stellvertretenden Chefredakteur der Wochenzeitung DIE ZEIT

Ich hatte Gelegenheit, Bernd Ulrich, den stellvertretenden Chefredakteur der Wochenzeitung DIE ZEIT, zu treffen und ihn zu fragen, was so insgesamt denn eigentlich hier los ist. Er sagt, wir würden alle in einem Albtraum leben, und es sei dringend nötig, dass wir uns daraus befreien – und der Politik dabei helfen, uns dabei zu helfen.


#2183 23.08.2023 20:07 AP

Aufbau, Funktion und Aufgabe des CMS-Detektors am CERN

Der CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) ist einer der beiden Detektoren, die gemeinsam den Nachweis des Higgs-Bosons ermöglicht haben und ist eine dieser gigantischen Strukturen 100m unter der Erde am CERN and dem die vom LHC beschleunigten Teilchen untersucht werden.

Wie schon in den ersten beiden Raumzeit-Folgen der CERN-Serie ist der Gesprächspartner wieder ein Österreicher: Wolfgang Adam vom Institut für Hochenergiephysik.

#2166 15.08.2023 18:00 AP
Signals & Threads S03E02

A Poet's Guide to Product Management with Peter Bogart-Johnson

Peter Bogart-Johnson was one of Jane Street’s first program managers, and helped bring the art of PMing—where that “P” variously stands for “project,” “product,” or some blend of the two—to the company at large. He’s also a poet and the editor of a literary magazine. In this episode, Peter and Ron discuss the challenge of gaining trust as an outsider: how do you teach teams a new way of doing things while preserving what’s already working? The key, Peter says, is you listen; a good PM is an anthropologist. They also discuss how paying down technical debt isn’t something you do instead of serving customers; what Jane Street looks for in PM candidates; and how to help teams coordinate in times of great change.

#2155 12.08.2023 18:53 AP
Post Reports Friday, August 11, 2023

It was all a dream: Hip-hop turns 50

Two turntables and a microphone. That was all DJ Kool Herc had 50 years ago when he planted the seeds of what would become hip-hop. Today, we’ll hear directly from some of the genre’s biggest stars about how hip-hop took over the U.S.

#1948 18.05.2023 17:43 AP
Signals & Threads S03E01

The Future of Programming with Richard Eisenberg

Richard Eisenberg is one of the core maintainers of Haskell. He recently joined Jane Street’s Tools and Compilers team, where he hacks on the OCaml compiler. He and Ron discuss the powerful language feature that got him into PL design in the first place—dependent types—and its role in a world where AIs can (somewhat) competently write your code for you. They also discuss the differences between Haskell and OCaml; the perils of trying to make a language that works for everybody; and how best a company like Jane Street can collaborate with the open source community.

#1492 24.12.2022 17:00 AP
The Daily (NYT): Pete Wells

A Restaurant Critic (Ours) On the Year That Changed Him Forever

During his time as a restaurant critic for The Times, Pete Wells has become both feared and revered in the world of dining — crowning those at the top and dethroning those whose time has passed.

But when the pandemic arrived, handing out stars to fancy restaurants made no sense anymore. A fundamental change was needed.