#1541 10.01.2023 22:55 AP
OCaml 5

Tom Smykowski: 🐫 OCaml 5 Is The Language Of The Future

Speaking about programming languages that finished the 2022 with fireworks. On December 16, the OCaml team announced the new version of the object oriented Caml implementation.


OCaml proves it is a strong language aimed for today’s needs. Parallelism makes it possible to execute tasks in parallel on separate cores or processors. It means better consumption of the processing power and faster execution times opening the door for advanced data processing, machine learning and other fields where performance matters gravely.

#1507 28.12.2022 15:24 AP
Eio makes writing concurrent code in OCaml much easier

Tarides: Love Rust? Then OCaml's New Eio Library is for You

In a speed test comparing Eio’s performance to Go’s net/http and Rust’s hyper, the results show that Eio outperforms Go and closely matches Rust. Eio can reliably serve over one million requests per second on a few cores.