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Github: Queueing theory

Queueing theory is the mathematical study of waiting lines, or queues. We use queueing theory in our software development, for purposes such as analyzing and optimizing our practices and processes, such as our customer service responsiveness, project management kanban planning, inter-process communication message queues, and devops continuous deployment pipelines.

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Sky Lights: How We Knew Space Was a Vacuum (2021)

But if you’re looking for “absolute proof” it was in the mid-1940s when Germany fired V-2 rockets across the English Channel from Peenemünde. These rockets were the first to reach outer space (top graphic). Near the apex of their flight they were observed to move along a ballistic trajectory — motion in which gravity is the sole acting force. Ballistic motion can only happen in a vacuum.

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Heute ist: Tag der eulerschen Zahl!

... in der US-Schreibweise.