#2381 12.11.2023 18:26 AP

Skip R.: An overview of Nix in practice (20.04.2023)

I still believe this. NixOS, and Nix in general, is really weird. I’ve described it as what ends up writhing out of a malfunctioning industrial mixer that someone accidentally dropped Haskell and Bash into. When I, like many other computer programmers, tell my friends who don’t write code that “it’s a miracle that modern technology even works”, Nix is one of those things that I’m referring to.

#2363 06.11.2023 02:24 AP

Wired: The Greatest OS That (N)ever Was (1997)

Linux was started six years ago as a typical programming lark: written to run on a PC with 4 Mbytes of RAM as a free version of the costly commercial Unix operating system. Today, Linux has an installed base conservatively estimated at around 3 million users. And they're not just spotty adolescents playing in their bedrooms: Linux vendors say that most of the top companies in the US have bought the OS - but that few will readily admit to running their multimillion-dollar corporations on code put together by a band of software idealists.

#1764 19.03.2023 16:35 AP

Slashdot: Unix Pioneer Ken Thompson Announces He's Switching From Mac To Linux

I have, for most of my life — because I was sort of born into it — run Apple.

Now recently, meaning within the last five years, I've become more and more depressed, and what Apple is doing to something that should allow you to work is just atrocious. But they are taking a lot of space and time to do it, so it's okay.

And I have come, within the last month or two, to say, even though I've invested, you know, a zillion years in Apple — I'm throwing it away. And I'm going to Linux. To Raspbian in particular.

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  • Collect all the materials related to the ancient Linux for historic testimony;
  • Rebuild the oldest Linux system that couldn't found anywhere nowaday;
  • Provide an easiest way to learn the basics of Linux for newbies;
  • For fun :-)

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blog.liw.fi: Rant: year of Linux on the desktop

Next year, 2023, will be my thirtieth year of Linux on the desktop, and the thirtieth year of being told it’s not possible to use Linux on the desktop, or to only use Linux on the desktop. Some of the people telling me this weren’t born when I started using Linux on the desktop.