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Tech Xplore: Austria rail operator OeBB unveils new night trains

Austrian rail operator OeBB on Saturday unveiled its new generation of sleeper trains—a response to demands from travelers for less pollutant alternatives to planes and petrol or diesel cars.


State-owned OeBB, which operates 20 rail routes across Europe, has been a pioneer in reviving such services.

The company has Europe's largest fleet of sleeper trains and hopes to double the number of its overnight passengers from 1.5 million to three million by 2030.

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Life Where I'm From X (YouTube): Tokyo by Train

Come along as I ride the trains of Tokyo from first to last train!

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ORF: Olivenkernantrieb für Liliputbahn

Der Dampflok der Liliputbahn im Wiener Prater ist die Spezialkohle ausgegangen. Nach einem brauchbaren Ersatz wurde wochenlang gesucht. Jetzt soll die historische Bahn mit gepressten Olivenkernen aus England betrieben werden.