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UnHerd: Welcome to Philip K. Dick’s dystopia

Dick’s dystopian-psychological approach marks him less as a conventional science fiction writer than as a member of the California anti-utopian school of the Sixties, whose best-known members include Robert Stone, Thomas Pynchon, Ken Kesey, Joan Didion and Hunter Thompson. Seen from this angle, Dick was perhaps the most powerfully and sweepingly paranoid of a group of writers whose stock-in-trade was conspiracy and paranoia, the hallmarks of a society marked — at that moment, and this one — by violent street crime, drug-induced psychosis, and visionary promises gone terribly wrong. Of his anti-utopian peers, Dick’s sci-fi genre background made him the only one who had any particular feel for the proposition that technology was inseparable from, and would therefore inevitably alter, our idea of the human.

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ORF: „Testbach“ soll an Oberfläche kommen

Wiens Bäche fließen derzeit größtenteils in Kanälen. In Zeiten extremer Hitze wegen des Klimawandels könnte man die Bäche jetzt zur Abkühlung nützen. Ein Forschungsprojekt untersucht diese Möglichkeit und will sie mit einem „Testbach“ in Ottakring in der Praxis erproben.

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New Books in Mathematics

Modern Mathematical Logic

Today I had the pleasure of talking to Joe Mileti, associate professor of mathematics at Grinnell College. Even if you are not "into" math, you will enjoy this conversation. We talked about how math is not what you think it is. It's not just memorizing formulas and grinding. It's about thinking and, like all thinking, it involves abstraction, logic, using analogies and metaphors, and a bunch of imagination. We also talked about how math is about talking to other mathematicians and doing a kind of "brainstorming."


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Log Scales Are For Quitters

XKCD: Log Scale

Die „Knuth Paper-Stack Notation” im Maustext nicht übersehen.